EMN AT Cluster Meeting: EMN Research – Optimising NCP’s National Reports



Organizer: National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network

22 September 2015, Vienna (Austria)

The National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network (EMN) organized an internal cluster meeting on optimising EMN Research by improving the National Reports. The meeting took place on 22. September 2015, and representatives of the EMN National Contact Points from 12 different EU-Member States participated.

During this working meeting the participants discussed how to optimize the quality of national EMN studies. A tour de table revealed interesting insights in best practice examples of the different National Contact Points (NCPs) on their modalities of publishing the respective national reports of the EMN studies. Common suggestions for way forward were agreed upon, which will be presented at the next NCP Meeting in Brussels.

Topic of the second part was the discussion on ways of optimising the quality of national contributions. After a reflection on the methodology engaged by the NCPs to conduct research and on their respective quality control mechanisms, also the possibilities to ensure quality in terms of reliability and comparability of data and statistics were discussed. The meeting concluded with formulated suggestions for way forward.


Report (DE)
Report (EN)