EMN at the 25th International Metropolis Conference

Organizer: Metropolis

04 – 09 September 2022, Berlin

Workshop “Integration of Migrant Women: What Policy Approach to Take?”
8 September 2022, Berlin

Gender plays a role in all migration processes, including integration. Concepts such as “double disadvantage” or “intersectionality” are used to understand how gender and other personal characteristics intersect and lead to specific challenges. For States to create fair conditions, gender needs to be factored in. The European Commission‘s Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion (2021-2027) calls on Member States to take gender into account. At the same time, the importance of a gender-sensitive response to different policy areas has been emphasised by the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2025. But do States consider the distinct situation of migrant women in their integration policies and why/why not?

A comparative study on the integration of migrant women conducted by the European Migration Network (EMN) in 2021 found that out of 23 Member States, 15 implement gender mainstreaming in their national integration policies, eight of which pursue a dual approach (i.e. combining gender mainstreaming with targeted policies). Based on this study, the workshop presented the cases of three different EU Member States (Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg) and compared the policy approaches taken towards the integration of migrant women.


  • Kaan Atanisev, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees/EMN Germany 
  • Ralph Petry and Nicole Holzapfel-Mantin, University of Luxembourg/EMN Luxembourg
  • Saskia Heilemann, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Country Office for Austria/EMN Austria 


  • Jobst Koehler, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The presentations can be downloaded here.

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