In 2018 Europe stands at a crossroad in regards to its future migration policy. There are major milestones about to be completed on the way to establishing a sustainable migration system, notably the European Agenda on Migration, the Global Compact on Refugees and Global Compact for Migration. At this point the EU and its member states can shape the future of global migration, both in the middle and the long-term. The cooperation with countries of origin and transit is an essential component in developing new strategies.

In the context of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network (EMN) will be hosting the EMN Annual Conference 2018. During this two-day event with the title “Managing Migration – From Reacting to Shaping”, participants will reflect on the external dimension of the European migration policy. The selected audience will be made up of high-level representatives of the EU, member states and third countries as well as international organizations. Moreover, experts from NGOs, the private sector, science and other National Contact Points in the EMN will be invited.