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Herbert Kickl

is the Federal Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Austria since 2017. Before becoming a member of the Federal Government, Mr. Kickl had been Member of the Austrian Parliament for more than ten years, holding inter alia the position of the secretary-general of his party.

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Eugenio Ambrosi

is the Regional Director of the IOM’s Regional Office for the European Economic Area, the EU and NATO. Prior to this, he was the Senior Regional Adviser for Europe and Central Asia in the Office of the Director General at IOM’s Headquarters in Geneva. Mr. Ambrosi came to IOM in 1991 where he has since held senior positions including Director for the Regional Office in Buenos Aires and Director of the Dakar Regional Office. more

Paul Collier

is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and a Professorial Fellow of St Antony’s College. From 1998–2003 he took a five-year Public Service leave during which he was Director of the Research Development Department of the World Bank. He is currently a Professeur invité at Sciences Po and a Director of the International Growth Centre. more