The National Contact Points of the European Migration Network (EMN) prepare several studies on migration and asylum-related issues each year based on common study template. EMN studies are elaborated in accordance with uniform specifications in order to achieve comparable results EU-wide. With the help of an external service provider, the European Commission publishes a Synthesis Report summarizing the main findings from the studies prepared by the National Contact Points.

EMN Study: Illegal Immigration in Austria

The study analyses the topic of illegal immigration in the Austrian context. It provides an overview of the diverse legal framework, the administrative practices, the main actors, available statistics, and the profile of illegally resident migrants, their social and economic situation and the impact on the Austrian host society.

EMN Study: Integration Practices in Austria

This study undertakes – for the first time – a mapping of measures implemented by the Federal State, the provinces and social partners aiming at the integration of migrants in Austria. The purpose of the study is to provide a comprehensive overview of Austrian attitudes and guiding principles for integration in Austria. Thereby the following questions with regard to integration are posed: Who does what in Austria and why?