National EMN Conference Austria: “Migration Movement towards Europe: Data Analysis and Alternatives”

Organizer: National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network

9 October 2017 in Vienna, Austria

The current movement of migrants to Europe is challenging at many different levels, especially for migrants, who all too often risk their lives. A differentiated view on migration goals, migration routes and the underlying motives for migration is necessary when trying to identify alternatives for supporting migrants in their regions of origin.

In this context, the National Contact Point Austria in the European Migration Network (EMN) is organizing an expert conference with the aim of providing the basis for an alternative discourse in the gridlocked migration debate. Within the framework of this participatory meeting, held together with (inter)national experts, the event will provide an objective overview of the latest available data on migration towards Europe. In the following workshop and on the basis of the presented data, participants will discuss, revise and possibly further develop various practices for supporting migrants before and during the migration process.

Due to the participatory structure of the event, the number of participants in this year’s National EMN Conference is limited. It is therefore only possible to participate after personal invitation by the National Contact Point Austria. You may, however, register for a waiting list. If you are interested, please contact us at, giving your name, information on your expertise and the organization you work with.