EMN international events

The European Migration Network (EMN) holds two annual EMN Conferences each year in the Member State currently presiding over the EU Council. In addition, all EMN NCPs hold their own conferences and events for discussing and sharing findings and research.

Malmö (Sweden)
Conference: “16th Annual IMISCOE Conference”

Organizer: IMISCOE

26-28 June 2019, Malmö (Sweden)

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dbb forum berlin, Friedrichstraße 169, 10117 Berlin
Annual Conference 2019 of the German EMN Contact Point

Organizer: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

26 June 2019, Berlin

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Migrant integration: policy and place

Organizer: National Contact Point Ireland in the European Migration Network

26 June 2019, Dublin (Irland)

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Ottawa (Canada)
Conference: “International Metropolis Conference”

Organizer: Metropolis

24-28 June 2019, Ottawa (Canada)

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Tower Hotel, St Katharine’s Way, London, E1W 1LD
Home Office Indicators of Integration Conference

Organizer: Home Office

3 June 2019, London

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Cooperation with third countries in fight against smuggling and trafficking in human beings

Organizer: National Migration Network

3 - 4  June 2019, Warsaw

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Brussels (Belgium)
Save the Date: „A New European Agenda on Migration?”

Organizer: European Commission

27 May 2019, Brussels (Belgium)

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Conference: “Attracting and Welcoming International Students”

Organizer: National Contact Point Sweden in the European Migration Network

8 May 2019, Stockholm (Sweden)

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Riga (Latvia)
Conference: “The impact of visa liberalisation on countries of destination – challenges and solutions in the Baltic region”

Organizer: National Contact Point Latvia in the European Migration Network

17 April 2019, Riga (Latvia)

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Tallinn (Estonia)
Conference: “Nordic-Baltic migration conference – Education as a Driver for Integration”

Organizer: National Contact Point Estonia in the European Migration Network

29 March 2019, Tallinn (Estonia)

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