Migration and Communication – Information Campaigns in Countries of Origin and Transit

Organizer: National Contact Point Austria in the EMN

3 December 2019, Vienna


National EMN Conference 2019
Migration and Communication – Information Campaigns in Countries of Origin and Transit 

3 December 2019, 09:00 – 17:30

Information campaigns for migrants or potential migrants in third countries constitute a central element of current migration strategies, both at the European and national level. Over the past decade, this form of communication with (potential) migrants has become increasingly relevant. Information campaigns have not only increased in number but also the type, format, messages and strategy of such campaigns have diversified. However, little is known about the array of these campaigns and their influence on migratory behaviour.

This year’s national EMN Conference provided an overview of existing information campaigns, discussing their objectives and underlying assumptions. Furthermore, existing evidence on the effectiveness of information campaigns in the context of migration were also explored.  The second part of the conference focused on the nexus of communication and behaviour change. Starting from rigorous evidence in other fields, a panel reflected on how information transfer can lead to behaviour change and the possible implications for effective information campaigns in the context of migration. On this basis the importance of reliable data and rigorous evaluations to ensure outcome-focused information campaigns and effective communication in the context of migration was highlighted. Finally, there was a discussion with all participants on the implications for a national and European approach to further develop successful information campaigns for (potential) migrants in third countries.

Please see the  conference programme for more information on the speakers.