• EMN Study: The Return of Rejected Asylum-Seekers from Austria (2016)

    Order This study deals with the voluntary or forced return of rejected applicants for international protection from Austria. In particular, the study describes the relationship between the asylum procedure and the return of rejected asylum-seekers. Further, the study elaborates on challenges to the return of rejected asylum-seekers and how these challenges may be overcome or mitigated. Another main topic are rejected asylum-seekers who cannot be removed for the time being. Additionally, the study discusses practices and policies in Austria that may be regarded as good practices. Country Report Austria(DE) Country Report Austria (EN) Short Summary (DE / EN) EMN Synthesis Report (EN) EMN Inform (EN) Other Country Reports

  • EMN Study: Resettlement and the Humanitarian Admission Programme in Austria (2016)

    Order This study provides an overview on Resettlement and the Austrian Humanitarian Admission Programme for especially vulnerable Syrian refugees. The first and second part of the Humanitarian Admission Programme (HAP I and HAP II) are examined in the context of developments at the global, European and Austrian level. After a presentation of the legal framework, the main actors are introduced. The study also describes the process and funding of both parts of the programme and presents statistics as well as experiences in implementing the programme. Country Report Austria (DE) Country Report Austria (EN) Short Summary (DE / EN) EMN Synthesis Report (EN) EMN Inform (EN) Other Country Reports

EMN Ad-hoc Queries

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  • National EMN Conference Czech Republic: "Integration of Refugees: 25 Years of Experience of the Czech Republic"

    Date/ Place: 1 December 2016, Prague (Czech Republic) Further Information

  • National EMN Conference Portugal: ‘‘New trends in the use of social networks in trafficking in human beings“

    Date/ Place: 13 December 2016, Lisbon (Portugal) Further Information

  • Sonita - Screening on the occasion of the Sakharov Award 2016

    Date/ Place: 2 December 2016 Organiser: Cinema and Human Rights Further Information

  • Event: "Refugees Migration Democracy"

    Date/ Place: 29 November to 2 December 2016, Vienna (Austria) Organiser: Initiative Minderheiten Further Information

  • EU budget deal focuses on strengthening the economy and responding to the refugee crisis

    European Commission 17 November 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Relocation and Resettlement: Member States need to sustain efforts to deliver on commitments

    European Commission 9 November 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Managing migration effectively: Commission reports on progress in the implementation of the Partnership Framework with third countries

    European Commission 18 October 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day: Commission calls for intensified efforts to address new challenges

    European Commission 17 October 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Call for Book Proposals: "Global Migration and Social Change"

    Deadline: not specified University of Birmingham Info

  • Call for Papers: Remittances Review

    Dealine: to be confirmed Remittances Review (International peer-reviewed journal of remittances) – TP London Info

  • Call for Practices: "Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence"

    Deadline: to be confirmed European Forum for Urban Security Info

  • Call for Proposals: The Mobility Partnership Facility

    open deadline International Centre for Migration Policy Development Info