• EMN Study: Changes of immigration status and purpose of residence in Austria (2015)

    Order This study deals with options for changing residence status in Austria without having to leave the country. After giving an overview of the respective admission criteria in each case, the study elaborates on the possibilities of changing an existing residence permit. Furthermore, the question of whether a change of immigration status brings about specific legal advantages or disadvantages is also examined. In particular, the policy objectives underlying the provisions on changes of purpose are discussed. Country Report Austria (DE) Country Report Austria (EN) Short Summary (EN / DE) Other Country Reports

  • EMN Study: Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection and Holders of Humanitarian Residence Titles into the Labour Market: Policies and Measures in Austria (2015)

    Order This study focuses on the integration of beneficiaries of international protection (persons granted asylum and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection) and persons who have been issued a humanitarian residence title in the framework of an asylum procedure into the labour market. The study provides an overview of state-funded measures that promote the labour market integration of the target group. Therein, it indicates to what extent these measures are tailored to the specific needs of the target group and whether they are eligible to access these measures. In addition, the availability of statistics is addressed. Country Report Austria (DE) Country Report Austria (EN) Short Summary (EN / DE) EMN Inform (EN) EMN Synthesis Report (EN) Other Country Reports...

EMN Ad-hoc Queries

Ad-hoc Queries - an effective means of compiling comparable information on migration and asylum.

  • National EMN Conference Italy: "Inclusion and social cohesion: the role of towns and cities."

    Date/ Place: 6 to 7 October 2016, Rome (Italy) Further Information

  • National EMN Conference Sweden: „Resettlement and humanitarian admission programs in Europe“

    Date/ Place: 13 October 2016, to be confirmed Further Information

  • online course: "Why Do People Migrate?"

    free of charge; Organizer: iversity Further information

  • Training course: "Interkulturelle Kompetenzen und Diversität"

    Date/ Place: 21 April to 22 October 2016, Vienna (Austria) Organizer: Interkulturelles Zentrum Language: DE Further Information

  • Completing the reform of the Common European Asylum System: towards an efficient, fair and humane asylum policy

    European Commission 13 July 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Commission calls for renewed commitment to Roma integration

    European Commission 26 May 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • New EU package of more than €200 million to support one million refugees from Syria in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

    European Commission 22 June 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Managing the Refugee Crisis: Commission reports on progress made in the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement

    European Commission 15 June 2016, more information available here (EN).

  • Call for Practices: "Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence"

    Deadline: to be confirmed European Forum for Urban Security Info

  • Call for Proposals: The Mobility Partnership Facility

    open deadline International Centre for Migration Policy Development Info

  • application for study program: Cultural Relations and Migration

    Submissions are accepted from 12 May 2016 Sigmund Freud Universität in Berlin Info

  • Call for projects: Initiative Vielfalter

    Submissions are continuosly accepted. Interkulturelles Zentrum Info